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10 Virtual Escape Room Games for Kids

10 Virtual Escape Room Games for Kids
10 Virtual Escape Room Games for Kids

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We all know and love a good escape room experience. Don’t you miss the time when you could just book an escape room and have fun with the whole family? Perhaps having a day out with friends and participating in 60 minutes of pure fun before you went your separate ways. 

Someday someone somewhere went to an escape room and has never been able to go again. Obviously, due to the pandemic situation we have going on throughout the world. As the world deals with this crisis, escape room enthusiasts have been deprived of this wonderful activity. 

Especially kids who possess unmatched energy when it comes to these things. While most kids nowadays stick to their electronic devices, many still enjoy escape rooms from time to time. If your kid likes escape rooms or you simply want an activity to do with your kids, we have a good solution. 

Online virtual escape rooms. One of the greatest inventions in the times of the pandemic has been the use of online escape rooms.  

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How do online escape rooms work? 

Online escape rooms are usually organized over zoom calls. At the same time, you might still find some that do not require any particular application to be run. Online escape rooms use actors, puzzles, and images to their fullest extent.  

You would be more often than not put in a conference call with the game master and your teammates. You can often take more hints and clues while you play an escape room. You will require note pad and pen to keep track of things. 

Why you should try an online escape room? 

Online escape rooms are modern marvels. Moving an entire room digitally into byte-sized packages is definitely something that is possible due to technological developments. 

With better internet (5G) accessible to everyone, all you need is a device capable of high-speed internet connectivity and access to the escape room. Virtual escape games can be played from anywhere in the world. You can play from your phone, laptop, desktop, tablet, and you can play while traveling, having lunch, working, or while you pass some time. 

Online escape rooms will also impart a bit of learning to your kids. Escape rooms are famous for teaching several soft skills such as communication, co-operation, and much more. so much so a lot of escape rooms are used educationally.  

So if you are looking for a fun and learning experience for your kid, you should definitely try a virtual escape room game for now. Once the dust has settled, and everything is back to normal, we would hopefully be able to physically visit our favorite escape rooms again

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Which escape rooms should you try? 

These things make escape rooms quite a lucrative business and an activity to play. The maintenance of online escape rooms is relatively less, and you derive similar pleasure from completing an escape room as you would from a physical one. 

If you truly want to try and have fun with your family, friends, and kids, you should definitely try an online escape room while you stay in your comfortable bed. 

Below is a list of 10 amazing virtual escape rooms that your kids will absolutely love. Even you will be able to play in these escape rooms. Some of them are free, while some require you to purchase them.

Best 10 Virtual Escape Room Games for Kids

1. The Panic Room 

For remote experiences, the panic room is one of the best escape rooms to play. Not only you kid and their friends, but even you can also enjoy this virtual escape room. This is because there’s no real limit to how many people can play at once. 

The panic Room offers a host of different online experiences, which means you will be spoiled for choice. The panic room also offers puzzle books for players who want an offline experience. 

Multiple printable escape rooms are also available, which can be printed and played offline. Board games based around escape rooms and puzzle themes are also available. This is definitely one of the best online as well as offline experiences worth trying out. 

2. Sherlock escape room 

Escape rooms have a good fantasy factor as well as puzzle-solving elements. No wonder this company upholds the name of the greatest detective, sherlock himself. 

With more than seven online escape rooms, each having a distinctive theme and puzzles, there is plenty to choose from here. Kids can play this in a group, or you can play with your kids. All groups are private, thus ensuring you are never playing with a stranger. 

Like most online escape room games, you can log into zoom from your phone, tablet, or computer. The maximum limit of participants Is 8 to avoid any kind of bad experience. Most games last for 60 minutes and have a varying difficulty rating.  Depending on how much fun you want your kids to have, you can choose the difficult escape rooms accordingly.  

3. Trapped in the web 

One of the best parts of going to an escape room is the fact that you have fun with people you know. Online escape rooms such as trapped in the web allow us to have fun with our family over a nice weekend remotely. 

There are more than 5 remote escape rooms to choose from here. The escape rooms are again quite different from each other and have varying difficulties. With no limit on the number of players, it is recommended that you limit your group to a maximum of10 people. 

It is also recommended that at least one adult be present with a group of kids. Owing to difficult puzzles, kids would need assistance to solve them. Having an adult would also allow kids to learn as they play. 

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4. Luco Online Escape rooms 

Kids love their heroes, they want to and dream of emulating their favorite heroes. Luco Online escape rooms present them with this unique chance of doing so. With an immersive and well-written story, you as an adult will be impressed by this as well. 

Each room is carefully created with special attention to detail. Professional actors serve to immerse you into the lore of the escape room. With 3 escape rooms to choose from, the difficulty would not be a criterion as all escape rooms are particularly difficult. 

The duration for each escape room is 60 minutes, while 2-8 players can play at once. The game is organized through zoom, and children must be accompanied by their parents to sure kids don’t face any difficulty. 

5. 60 Out 

Escape rooms are meant to test your teamwork and problem-solving skills. 60 Out online escape rooms bring this test to your homes. Playing escape rooms online with your friends is something that each and every kid should be able to experience nowadays.  

There are some great themes and stories to choose from, and you will be literally choosing your own adventure. You will be having as much fun as you can in these online escape rooms as you can have in a physical escape room. 

If you live in Greater Los Angeles by any chance, you will have a great time with these escape rooms. Regardless of the size of the group, you will have a great time with 60 out of the online escape rooms. 

6. Hogwarts Digital Escape room 

Being a wizard is not all fun, you need to fulfill your duty to the magical wizarding world and solve a lot of problems. In this incredible harry potter themed online escape room, your kids will be having the time of their lives.  

This is a free escape room where you can play and compete with your friends multiple times, making it perfect for kids to pass their time. The story revolves around a first-year student at the Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.  

You are locked inside a room, and you must escape by finding your way out. Solving a number of simple but interesting puzzles, you can play this game through your phone, pc, or other digital devices. It is a free game and does not require any video conferencing. Definitively a must-try game. 

7. Pikachu’s Rescue 

We all remember watching Pokémon when we were kids. One of the most standout characters from the anime was Pikachu, a pocket monster that has since then become an international icon and mascot for the series. 

Pokémon is a series based around trainers working with their Pokémon to overcome difficulties. This escape room is based around the same notion, except you work with your friends to rescue Pikachu from a great travesty. 

Kids will love this online escape room just because of its cartoonish theme and the relatability factor. Adults who grew up in the nineties should also try their hands on this amazing online escape room game. 

8. Black Noir 

One of the most famous themes for escape rooms is the murder mystery theme. People just love playing detective, and escape rooms present one of the best opportunities for people to do so. 

Black Noir is one of the best and most highly reviewed online escape room games. 3- 5 players are allowed per session, and the game takes place over zoom calls. The whole group goes through the escape room collecting clues and finding out the murderer. 

Due to its dark and adult theme, mature kids should be able to play this. However, you too can chime in and take part with your kids in this gritty crime-solving exercise. It is one of the most popular ones out there and worth checking out.  

9.  Minecraft Escape room 

People have grown fond of Minecraft over the past decade. The phenomenal rise in popularity of many streamers and YouTubers has been credited to Minecraft. It is a big creative world where you are rewarded for your creativity. 

Escape rooms are a place where you are rewarded by creativity. Minecraft is a popular theme to use for an escape room. Not only do kids play it, but many adults also spend hours trying to build the perfect house for them in this game. 

This Minecraft escape room is free to play and doesn’t require any additional software to play. You can compete with other Minecraft fanatics over the time needed to escape and have a fun time.  

10. Expedition Escape  

An expedition escape room is one of the best escape room companies providing online escape room games. As most people are stuck inside their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic, online escape rooms are helping people play together. 

There are three main online escape rooms available for the player to participate and play,  Bank heist, Houdini’s Last Mystery, and TRAPT Online Escape room. Each room has varying difficulties, themes, and duration. From 20 minutes to over 90 minutes, each room is built for your experience and leisure. 

Kids particularly can take their time with these escape rooms and have some good fun. Depending on the room you choose, you will be allowed to play with a group of 4, 6, or 8. It is definitely worth trying these amazing and different escape rooms with your kids. 


Online escape rooms have revolutionized the escape room industry. Before the pandemic began, people preferred going to an escape room physically. The feeling and rush of being in a room are still unmatched, but when you get a similar experience back home, you wouldn’t risk going out in such times.  

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It is thus best and in the interest of others that we have brought 10 amazing virtual escape rooms for kids to enjoy. The thing to be noted here is that even adults can happily play and enjoy these escape rooms. That is perhaps one of the best things about having an escape room experience. 

With that, we hope you and your children have a fun time-solving puzzles. Don’t forget to enjoy, that is the most important thing when you play a virtual escape room.

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