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Champions of Norrath System Requirements & Cheats

Champions of Norrath Video Game For PC
Champions of Norrath Video Game For PC

One of the most popular games in Play Station 2 is the Champions of Norrath. Popularly known for a role-playing video game, this game has quite well-known among gamers. This game was developed by Snowblind Studios and the designers are Paul Knutzen and Chris Avellone.

This game has become popular since its release date back in 2004. In this game, the player acts as the hero and saves the world by winning a series of battles. Champions of Norrath also has a sequel game called Champions: Return to Arms which was released back in 2005.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know regarding the Champions of Norrath game. If you are a newbie and looking for some good advice to play this game, we are here to help you out.

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What is Champions of Norrath?

As we mentioned before, Champions of Norrath is a traditional role-play action video game that is divided into five acts. This PS2 game is set in the EverQuest universe. This game starts with a quest of helping the elves.

The gameplay of Champions of Norrath is also interesting as it comes with traditional hack and slash methods. You need to select appearance, skills, and race during the opening time. When you are fighting with monsters, exploring various places, and purchasing weapons, you have to follow RPG standards.

Champions of Norrath PC has five types of characters and you can use them throughout the game. Moreover, each character comes with both male and female variants. These characters are:

  • Wood Elf Rangers
  • Barbarian Warriors
  • High Elf Clerics
  • Erudite Wizards
  • Dark Elf Shadowknights

Choosing male or female characters does not impact the game. The only difference is their appearances. However, after selecting the character, you can’t change it for the game.

The best thing about this game is you can join anywhere in the game. Champions of Norrath provides a multiplayer game as a game is dedicated to up to four players.

System Requirements of Champions of Norrath

Finally, you know about the basics of the Champions of Norrath game. However, your device needs some minimum requirements if you are wishing to play this game. In the following, we are covering the minimum and required system of Champions of Norrath PC:

Minimum System Requirements

Operating SystemMicrosoft Win 7, also needs a KB3135445 update
RAMMinimum 4 GB RAM
ProcessorFor AMD processors, Athlon X2 2.8 GHz is the minimum required. For Intel processor, a minimum Core 2 Duo required to play this game
Free Hard Drive SpaceAt least 8 GB
Graphics CardThe minimum Graphics Card requirement is GeForce 8800 GT by NVIDIA

These are the minimum requirements your PC needs for Champions of Norrath. However, for having a fantastic experience with this game, we are giving the recommended system requirements.

Recommended System Requirements

Operating SystemWindows 8 or Windows 10 are ideal for this game
RAM8 GB RAM gives the best experience
ProcessorHexa-Core CPU for AMD Processor, Quad-Core CPU for Intel Processor
Free Hard Drive SpaceRecommended HDD is 10 GB or higher
Graphics CardGeForce GTX 660 by NVIDIA is an ideal Graphic Card, For AMD Processor, Radeon 7870 is the perfect Graphic Card

How to Install the Champions of Norrath?

After getting the requirement details, it’s time to download the game. If you have made your mind to play this game, we are here to help you out with downloading and installing process.

Many platforms on the internet provide Champions of Norrath PS4 download. After downloading on your PC, click ‘Install’. When the game is successfully installed, open the directory on your game and get the registration code.

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Now you are ready to play the game. If you want to buy this game, contract the software developers. You can also play the sequel of this game called Champions of Norrath Return to Arms.

Champions of Norrath Cheat Codes

There are some tricks you should apply while playing this game. In the following, we are giving Champions of Norrath cheat codes:

  • Kill Beat Shelox Easily

After entering the lair, Shelox is going to shoot some webs towards you. You need to keep walking towards him and keep hitting him with a melee attack. Make sure you are repeating this strategy until you bit him.

  • How to Kill The Gate Switch Guard

First, you need to be in level 7 to kill the gate switch guard. Then you have to kill six heavily equipped orcs, you also need to have healing potions to fight them. The start slashing the gate switch guard and continue the process until you beat him.

  • How To Beat The Ant Queen

Make sure you are killing the regular ants on both sides. Then, stand in between the two pillars and shoot the ant queen with the arrow.

Champions of Norrath Reviews

As we mentioned before, this game is set in the EverQuest universe. If you love a fantasy-themed game, then Champions of Norrath PC can give you a fantastic experience. Moreover, this game is still the best of its kind since the release. However, there are some evident problems which you will face while playing.


Overall, Champions of Norrath is a great game. If you are a newbie, make sure you are reading all the rules and tricks before. You can get help from the developers. Also, make sure your PC has the minimum system requirements to play the game. Don’t forget to implement the cheat codes that we have mentioned to get a better result.

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How to play Champions of Norrath on PC?

Playing Champions of Norrath on PC is easy. Download the game and install. Then get the registration code to play the game. However, your PC needs minimum system requirements.

Who makes Champions of Norrath?

Snowblind Studios is the developer of Champions of Norrath. Chris Avellone and Paul Knutzen are the designers of the game.

How big is the Champions of Norrath size?

The main story of this game is around 16 hours.

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