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Best 10 Online Ludo Games You Need To Checkout

Best 10 Online Ludo Games You Need To Checkout
Best 10 Online Ludo Games You Need To Checkout

Ludo is a traditional game and it is among the most ancient board games. Ludo was originated in India in the 6th century yes it is a long time and the shocking thing about these ludo games are that in the thousand of years since this game was originated no one ever got bored of this game.

Technology has made human life easier and better by providing useful tech devices. One of the best inventions these days is the smartphone and every person owns a smartphone in this modern time. Some gaming organizations have launched online Ludo games so that people can enjoy this lovely game anywhere and anytime.

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These online Ludo gaming platforms are not only for entertainment but some people are using them as their income source because these games offer real money to the players. Some online Ludo apps have daily tournaments and have a high prize pool for the lucky winner.

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Rules and Regulations to Play Ludo Games

During the time of the pandemic, many families passed their time by playing this lovely game of fun and enjoyment. Rules of playing Ludo are almost the same in every country but if you are a newbie and have no knowledge about this game then don’t worry here you will get to know the rules, instructions, and components to play ludo.

Ludo is a famous board game so the main tool to play this game is a square shape board. Each player has 4 tokens of the same color and these tokens are kept in a matching colored base. In the whole game, there is a single dice available which is rolled by each player to get a number from 1 to 6 and tokens move according to the number that player gets.

The player who moves all 4 tokens to the home first wins the game. Every player needs a 6 to take each token out of the base. There is no need for any equipment if you play Ludo on a device. You just need a good internet connection and you get everything designed in the online Ludo app from Ludo board to dice.

Factors to remember before installing an online Ludo App

Nowadays there are a lot of online Ludo games available on the internet because it is becoming trendy to earn money online by playing games so many gaming corporations have launched online Ludo app.

There is a problem because people started investing in these apps without thinking twice some scammers have launched some fake apps so that they can fraud people and seize their money.

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If you are a beginner and want to earn money online but you don’t trust these apps then don’t worry here are some factors mentioned below you should take a look at them and you are good to go.

Some major factors to check out before downloading a game are as follows:

Owner and Organisation

Firstly, the one who is downloading an online Ludo game to earn money online should check whether the game has a genuine owner or trusted organization.


Privacy is one of the major factors that people should check instantly before downloading any app or game on their device. If you download any app without checking the security then there is a risk that your data can leak or your money can be stuck.

Top 10 Best and Most Trusted Online Apps For Ludo Games

1. Ludo Fantasy

It is a new online Ludo earning app introduced in 2022. The minimum entry fee to join a match in this app is just rs10. There is a quick mode in Ludo Fantasy that can save your time you can win the game just by taking two tokens home.

2. Ludo Classic

Ludo Classic is available for both Android and iOS. This game has 3 gaming modes offline, online, and computer. If you are together with your friends or family then you can play offline mode or if you want to play with some random players across the world then you can play online mode.

3. Ludo Empire

Ludo Empire is one of the great Ludo earning apps. You can earn Paytm cash by playing and winning ludo games on this app. There is a special counter mode in this app that saves your time.

  • Sign up Bonus: rs10
  • Referral Bonus: rs20

4. Gamezy

Gamezy is an app where you can play more than one game and fantasy sports like ludo, rummy, and more to earn money. The brand ambassador of this app is the famous Indian cricketer KL Rahul. Sign up bonus of this app is rs100.

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5. Ludo King

Ludo King is one of the most loved and popular ludo app in India and it is rapidly increasing in popularity around the world. Ludo King is a multiplayer game that supports 2 to 6 players to play at a time.

6. MPL

On MPL you will find a wide array of online games that offers you real cash when you win the game.

  • Sign up Bonus: rs50
  • Referral Bonus: rs75
  • Payment Methods: Paytm Wallet, Bank Transfer, and UPI.

7. Ludo Ninja

Ludo Ninja is among the best online money-earning apps while playing games. This app has unique gameplay from every other game mentioned here. The minimum withdrawal limit is rs1 and you will get an rs100 sign-up bonus.

8. Ludo Party

It is not an earning app but this app offers you a decent game on your device. This app has a simple UI so that nobody hesitates when they use this app.

9. Elite Ludo

This app is another amazing app where you can earn money by playing Ludo. It is a new app in the market but gaining much popularity because it is genuine. When you download the game and sign up you will get an rs10 bonus prize.

10. Ludo Game

This app is available for only Android devices. You can experience classic ludo gameplay between 2 to 4 players. This app has an online mode so if you are alone you can play with random players.

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