Mount and Blade Warband Cheats & Mods

Mount and Blade Warband Cheats & Mods
Mount and Blade Warband Cheats & Mods

Mount and Blade are some of the most popular games on PS4. The game was developed by the Turkish company TaleWorlds Entertainment and was published in 2010. You can use various mods and cheats while playing this game. Plus Mount and Blade Warband is available for single-player and multiplayer.

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Mount and Blade Warband System Requirements

Mount and Blade is an interesting game. However, there are some minimum requirements your gaming PC needs. In the following, we are covering minimum and recommended requirements. Let’s find out:

Minimum System Requirements

CPU4 2.0 GHz on Intel Pentium or 2.5 GHz on AMD
GPUA 3D graphics card that comes with 64MB RAM
Store100 MB available space
OSWindows® XP
SoundStandard audio

Recommended System Requirements

CPU2.0 GHz on Intel Core Duo or 64 X2 on AMD
GPUNVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 and ATI Radeon 9600
Store100 MB available space
OSWindows XP or greater
SoundStandard audio

Best Mount and Blade Warband Mods

There are many mods in Mount and Blade game. However, if you are thinking about the best mount and blade Warband mods, we are covering some best mods below.

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If you love fantasy, then Persino could be your favorite mod in this game. From mounting a killer wolf to a dragon, you can do anything here. Moreover, the mix of Elves, Giants, and Dwarfs can make this mod more magical.

Prophesy of Pendor

Prophesy of Pendor is one of the most popular mods in this game. However, it could be difficult to play. So, many people don’t recommend this mod to new players. There are many unique things including the ability to create own kingdom.

A Clash of Kings

Another popular mount and blade Warband mods is A Clash of King. In fact, it’s the best mod for a single player. The interface of Clash of Kings is really good. Moreover, you can join on any side from the War of the Five Kings.


If you love historic places, then Gekokujo could take you to historic Japan. Here many samurai fight across the battlefield with other troops. Another fact about Gejokujo is it features over 20 factions rather than 6-7 factions while showing the Sengoku period.

Floris and Floris Evolved

Floris and Floris Evolved is another popular mod in this game. This mod is more of a group that features things like diplomacy, tournament overhauls, and a lot of small fixes. Most people use this mod as the basis of others.

Mount and Blade Warband Companions

Companions are unique troops that come with individual names, skills, and stories. In this game, these companions never die and are just knocked unconscious. You cannot kill companions or heroes in this game (except for Mount and Blade II).

Every hero likes or dislikes certain actions, which they will tell you after the action. For example, they will only talk to you when you are doing something. Moreover, they talk to you after reaching a certain level on the map.


Before choosing companions, you should look for their requirements. Many heroes ask for money before joining your team. However, some also join for free. Although all of these heroes are the same at their level. There are no different except for the charge.


Even companions are joining your team, you can also lose them in many ways such as:

  • If you keep your heroes with dislikes, then they should leave your group.
  • When you are taking prisoners, you need to wait until you are free. So, heroes can escape.
  • You can also voluntarily part ways with Mount and Blade Warband companions.

Mount and Blade Warband Cheats

Before you use Mount and Blade Warband cheats, you have to configure the game, so it will allow cheats. So, first go to ‘Configure’, then you have to find the ‘Game’ tab and check if it’s enabled or not. Make sure the box is checked.

On the other side, playing with cheats enabled can stop you from receiving Stream Achievements. However, you can also disable the cheats and re-enable the Stream Achievements.

In the following, we will cover both battle and non-battle cheats that can help you with the game more:

Battle Cheats

Full HealthCTRL + H
Killing Enemy AutomaticallyCTRL + F4
Knock out one random allyCTRL + F6
Al fights for you by taking control over the player characterCTRL + F5
Refill horse’s healthCTRL + SHIFT + H
Knock out the player characterCTRL + F3
Slow-motionCTRL + F9
Freezing timeCTRL + F11
Knocking out all alliesCTRL + SHIFT + F6
Knocking out all enemiesCTRL + SHIFT + F4

Non-battle Cheats

Gives you 1000 goldCTRL + X
Add 10 points to the weaponCTRL + W
You can see all partiesCTRL + T
Automatic level upCTRL + L
Teleporting the party to cursorCTRL + Left click

If you are reaching level 62 using Mount and Blade Warband Cheats, then it could overflow the level. Even it looks good at first, but it will be impossible to complete levels.

Mount and Blade Warband Reviews

As we mentioned before, Mount and Blade Warband has become a popular game for the last few years. This game offers various fractions and mods. Moreover, Mount and Blade Warband PS4 is a unique game that can give you a fantastic experience. However, the graphic could look a bit outdated compared to other games.

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Q: How to mod mount and blade Warband?

You have to create a new folder in the Modules folder to create a new mod on Mount and Blade Warband.

Q: Mount and Blade Warband how to increase battle size?

First, open the rgl_config.txt file in documents and edit the number to ‘battle_size’.

Q: Mount and Blade Warband how to become king of an existing faction

To become a king of an existing faction, you need to take all the Nord lands and recruit their lords.

Q: What is the Battle size in Mount and Blade?

The size of the battle is defined as per the maximum number of troops.

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