Complete Guide to Develop an On-Demand Service App Candy Crush

Complete Guide to Develop an On-Demand Service App Candy Crush

Candy Crush is the 6th highest-grossing mobile recreation of all time across the world.

It made $857 million in 2020, a fifteen percentage upward thrust year-on-year. Overall Candy Crush has been downloaded via means of humans greater than 2.7 billion times. Candy Crush produced $1.19 billion in 2020, making it the 0.33 largest grossing cell recreation out of China. 273 million humans use Candy Crush as soon as a month. MAUs rose in 2015 with 327 million customers.

Do you want to create an app like Candy Crush? Then here we are discussing all details of how to create these apps. You can also check here for readymade best candy crush clone source code.

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Process of Making Money with Game App Development such as Candy Crush?

Knowing the enterprise version of Candy Crush facilitates you in getting a concept approximately how you could additionally construct your online video games like the Candy Crush monetization approach.

The recreation is monetized via means of in-app purchases (through a credit score card, iTunes credits, or Google Play credits). Players begin the sport with five “lives” and fail on every occasion a degree is failed. This approach of gaming applies to all of King’s video games.

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Once all of the lives are exhausted via means of the participant, customers can both ship invites to their Facebook pals for greater lives, pause for them to resume themselves (and existence is renewed each half-hour), or ought to buy them. By shop, they have given the five new lives or a particular greenback amount.

In a contemporary replacement, whilst a participant makes a buy for added lives, they win gold bars. The quantity of gold bars relies upon how many coins they consume. Gold bars may be applied for gaining new lives, greater moves, boosters or to open a brand new episode.

At a few points, at the beginning of new “episodes”, gamers have to buy or take delivery of an invite from at least 3 buddies earlier than they will input into the following set of levels. A replacement waits for gamers simplest for three days to unhitch the following episode.

How to Create a Game App Like Candy Crush? [Step by Step Guide]

This is the principal factor on the subject of Candy Crush clone app improvement. Making your app error-loose and notable, it’s far essential to comply with a step-by way of means-of-step procedure even as your cell recreation improves.

So, right here we point out a few essentials and have to comply with steps so you could make your app with no mistakes.

1. Determine Target Audience and Game Theme:

It is the maximum preliminary and essential step wherein you need to pick the target market in line with your app. When it involves deciding on the target market of the sweet overwhelm clone app, you could target the age organization of seven to ten as kids are keener gaming applications. Also, pick out an attractive and charming recreation subject on your recreation that draws your goal user’s interest.

2. Select Gaming Engine on your Game:

A recreation engine is a software program that offers recreation app builders a group of vital gear and functionalities to correctly construct a gaming app. They in addition upload great in addition to productivity.

Choosing the proper gaming engine on your sweet overwhelm clone app improvement will carry out like a spine on your app.

Furthermore, as contrasted to local improvement centers, recreation engines assist to make clear the improvement way and additionally they give an introduced listing of visuals and aspect effects.

3. Select the Features on your App:

Adding enticing capabilities to your app will determine how lengthy your customers use your app. If you choose to make certain that your cell recreation app like Candy Crush’s customers come time and again and communicate together with your app greater than as soon as then you may make certain that you provide them greater advantages and capabilities to enhance their gaming activity.

Get a concept out of your opposition and inform your cell recreation app improvement corporation to feature a few specific capabilities so that your app will arise in another way in assessment with different ones.

4. Pick your Preferred Monetization Strategy:

If you spend money on a cell recreation app improvement as a sweet overwhelm, I suppose you simply need to earn from it. It is well worth bringing up right here that you have a concept that simply due to the fact you use your app as a loose app, it doesn’t in reality imply that you won’t be capable of earning cash out of it.

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There are such a lot of monetization techniques as a way of enforcing which you could earn cash even in case you are imparting your app for loose. For instance, Candy Crush, Candy Crush Saga, and different video games gift their gamers with paid lives, greater transits, and scrumptious boosters.

5. Involve Fascinating Sound Effects and Graphics:

The fulfillment of the sweet overwhelm clone app is associated with its animation, sound, effects, and graphics. They will preserve the user’s interest in your app and inspire them to return increasingly more time to your app. Pick and set up notable sounds, animations on your app so one can create a notable appropriate photograph withinside the participant’s thoughts.

6. Integrate Social Media Channels:

While creating a cell recreation app integrating social media channels will grow the attainment of your app. There isn’t anyone that isn’t always acquainted with social media, and this can allow the customers to realize approximately your app through their social media apps. This may also create self-assurance withinside the thoughts of customers as they see the app in a reputed platform.

7. Testing, Launch, Maintenance:

After growing and designing your app correctly, it’s time to test your app if it has any type of problem. After rectifying all of the insects and errors, your app is now prepared to get launched. Always maintain in your mind that once launched, maintaining your app up to date is the most essential issue to keep its popularity. People love to apply sparkling and revolutionary video games which can be up to date from time to time.

How to Create a Mobile Game App with Candy Crush Features?


With this selection, the Candy Crush recreation will allow you to realize approximately its new levels, events, news, capabilities, and additionally network comments approximately the sport. This is an exciting function that helps you to realize approximately something concerning the sport in a single place.


This is the have-to-have function that you ought to use on your online video games like Sweet overwhelm. With this selection, Candy Crush will assist you with any troubles which you have concerning the sport. Also, offer associated articles via ways in which you could clear up your problem.


This is the function that creates exhilaration withinside the participant’s thoughts. By supplying this selection, the participant has to play a few contests via means of which they could get the threat to win gold bars, network badges, and greater surprises.

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Helping Videos:

By the usage of this selection, the participant gets immediate assistance in finishing any degree of the sport via means of looking at the video. You also can encompass this selection on your sweet overwhelm clone app improvement for supporting your customers whilst they’re caught in any degree of the sport.

King Community:

This is the maximum notable function that Candy Crush gives to its customers. By enforcing this selection, you could meet or live in contact with every other participant who performs different King video games. You can speak with them at once through this selection.

How Much do you have to pay while Developing Puzzle Games Like Candy Crush Saga?

Now, the principal query that comes into your thoughts is what’s the sweet overwhelm clone app improvement price?

Although, one can’t inform you of the preacher’s priceless recreation improvement because it completely relies upon what and the way you need your app. There are such a lot of matters which can be well worth thinking about on the subject of the estimation of app improvement price.

The app complexity, app capabilities, superior capabilities, focused platforms, cell app improvement crew location, and different important matters are associated with your app improvement.

When you ask approximately the price with any recreation app improvement corporation, they’ll provide the estimation of around $10K to $40k. This is likewise primarily based totally on your app necessities.

So, it’s appropriate to realize your app necessities first so you can inform all of the app-associated matters to the cell recreation improvement agency. After that, they’ll provide you with the predicted price for your app creation.


Candy crush is one of the most famous games Nowadays. You can get a lot of benefits and can earn too much from this game. Go for this article and check here for readymade best candy crush clone source code.

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